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Top Ten Places to Visit in Asia


A person who knows even the basics of world geography should be aware of the magnificence and dominance of Asia over other continents. The reason for this supremacy of Asia is not only because it is the largest among all the continents in the world, but also because it is home to different cultures, customs, traditions, ethnicities and lifestyles. Therefore, visiting this incredible continent for a globe-trotting and feeling all its cultures is a must. But tourists should consider the top ten places to visit in Asia, as it is not possible to tour the entire continent due to the continent’s extreme size.

The problem is, with so many places to choose from, it’s always difficult for tourists themselves to shortlist the top ten places to visit in Asia. Here is a list of places to consider when making the Asian itinerary.

1. Nepwal ith the majestic Mount Everest – Most of us dream of seeing Mount Everest, home to the world’s largest mountain peak. Even if you are not a mountaineer, you can go to Kathmandu and see this majestic peak rising above the horizon from afar.

2. India, where the Taj Mahal stands in its splendor – although India is a small continent in itself, a trip to Asia would be incomplete without seeing the wonderful Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Not only is it an architectural masterpiece, but also a window into the rich history of India under the rule of the Mughal emperors and is also among the top ten places to visit in Asia.

3.The Great Wall of China cayou hina lls C- China, the world’s second largest country and making rapid progress over the years, has become a popular tourist destination. With the Great Wall welcoming tourists against the country’s history, places like Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City are definitely worth a visit.

4. Malaysia where nature and modernism meet – Malaysia is not only blessed with the most beautiful beaches, hills and other places for nature lovers, it is also a true facet of today’s Asia.

5. Pakistan  where history and nature show their true face – although not considered one of the safest countries to travel to, Pakistan’s rich history goes back centuries and its ruins are found in several cities. Lahore offers a window into the history of Taxilla, Moen Jo Daro and Harappa, while the northern regions are a treat for nature lovers. The world’s second largest summit, K-2, is also located in Pakistan.

6. Located on the border of Turkey – Asia and Europe, where the 6th century-old history comes to life, Turkey sheds light on the history of Islam with its beautiful architecture and museums full of countless artifacts.

7. Thailand where spirituality meets natural beauty – Thailand is the best place to learn about Buddhist mythology and beliefs, with some of the most beautiful and amazing temples in the country. The country is also rich in natural beauty, with its magnificent beaches and elephant farms, and is rightfully counted among the top ten places to visit in Asia.

8. Dubai, brought to life by the desert – Home to countless architectural wonders of modern times, Dubai has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. Blessed with a sunny, warm beach and tropical weather, tourists love to visit this country that falls under the UAE.

9. Singapore, where the developed world becomes evident – Singapore, which presents the face of a progressive and modern Asia, is a country where you can find all the elements of a high standard life together.

10. Hong Kong where Disneyland meets Asia – Hong Kong is home to Asia’s very own Disneyland and is an incredible tourist attraction for people from all over the world.