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Best National Parks To Visit In Winter

National Parks To Visit In Winter
National Parks To Visit In Winter

When you plan a vacation to any destination, the first thing that comes to mind is how the weather will be. To make your trip more memorable, it is important to know about the different seasons of a particular place. Therefore, here is a list of some of the best national parks in India that are good for exploring during the winter season.

 Yosemite in the Winter

One of the biggest winter attractions in USA is Yosemite National Park located in California. The entire region comes with heavy cold during winters and snow often falls on it throughout the month of November, which makes for a wonderful hiking experience as well. Rock climbing along with trekking are becoming extremely popular forms of adventurous activities to be done here at that time so make sure you go prepared!

Sequoia in the Winter

Another major National Park in California is Sequoia National Parks which makes for an excellent adventure. The trails here remain pretty open during winters and snowfall is quite frequent, so it becomes very beautiful to see them flowing down the mountain side. Throughout your hike you will meet few different kinds of fauna that can be seen only during winter season when they are either covered by great amount of snow or mummified as if dead all over leaves and trees !

During this period in the year of winter, you will experience snow fall as well as warm valley climate. It becomes a very satisfying trip not to mention also travel agent cool or tasty turmeric drinks wins holiday mood! You can either go on a learning tour and explore the highest peak ever climbed Mts Quillayute Crest during spring season at 6221  metres but to do it in winter time seems almighty adventurous!

Kings Canyon in the Winter

Redwood National and Forest parks of California are one of the best winters dreaming destinations. It is a perfect hiking destination at almost any time you come across bad weather outside in the region, but that isn’t all there is to see here! Like many places throughout USA when it rains hard during summers or heavy snow falls overnight this forested region comes with warm winter temperature instead known as ” “May -June Beard style” “. The largest maze tree at the Sequoia National Park is also found here at 8300  metres. Wake up in this nature’s biggest puzzle and you are ready to go on a winter adventure!

Death Valley in the Winter

With the lowest temperature ever recorded at -56 degrees in Feb 2016 you can easily imagine what to see and experience when cold winds blow strong during Winter.

Death Valley National Park is a perfect place for someone who enjoys adventurous trekking through snow-covered mountains during winters or just wants to explore many features of nature that are frozen under layers of Great White Mountain Snow! Ski resorts like Badwater Basin, Owens Lake, Lee Vining also play great role t iding up in this national park.

Wonderful Las Vegas and Beautiful Wild West of US!

Joshua Tree in the Winter

Be in the middle of Mojave Desert in  Desert Hot Springs during winter and watch how natural formations come alive! In summer you will never imagine what to see here, but with snowfall almost every day there are tons of activities waiting for adventure-seekers.

Bryce Canyon in the Winter

1 million year old Bryce Canyon is one of the best places to see unique phenomenon related with snowfall during winters. There are different routes on this tour and you can find a lot of people around that offer services like winter camping, skiing or just looking for long walks through park!

Glacier National Park in the Winter

If some parts of US aren’t cold enough yet than head straight towards Oregon where many mountain hikes take their turn during bitter cold of Winter! It was very hard to find a route from diverse points of view into Baranof Glacier as it got crazy crowded, but we recommend you take one called Snowflyer Trail and spend some time experiencing what happens when mother nature takes over!

It was hard to get here through bad channels during winter but we were able to take some awsome photos of canyon landscape with snowfall. After all you can only explore here on guided tours and as a ranger said there is no other place in US that gives such an opportunity!

Zion National Park in the Winter

Coolest National Park in USA is also one of the best hikes if you choose some during winters. There are several routes and many different spots where visitors could find themselves, no matter how turned up or not we can imagine ourselves being here!

Grizzly bears will be more visible than usual but don’t worry there won’t be a dangerous situation as much as it’s possible to get close to them through exciting activities like bear feeding, hanging out in visitor center, etc. You can get to this interesting place on  Oakridges Travel Tours  tour route starting from Las Vegas!

Antelope Canyon in the Winter

If you are tired of sad western landscapes and want to take a break by something more exotic then head straight towards Las Vegas where Antelope Canyon would be an ideal spot on your trip. Complete darkness doesn’t make the experience one less exciting because many light fixtures were already turned off while canyon was still in its winter condition!

Monument Valley in the Winter

Another place which is probably perfect for a warm winter trip in USA would be Monument Valley. This unique lookout boasts with interesting rock formations and has numerous myths due to its sacred nature but as long as you are willing to see everything then it’s also a worthwhile adventure!

Grand Canyon in the Winter

Although this place is normally such a dream come true during summer but in winter the landscape looks so unbelievable that you have to have an experienced guide there with you! It’s wise if it will be less crowded, though because we are all tired of crowds and how everything becomes unreal when too much people are making noise! In addition Arizona was recently declared on list of state with positive impact for climate change effects, which just adds up more reasons why winters would be more interesting!

Yellowstone in the Winter

Yellowstone is an amazing place because it’s located in a geographical environment which makes chances to get interesting winter landscapes very rare and only during some days of years these scenes are even more beautiful. In addition this particular park id usually quite busy with crowds so you want to choose other occasion instead!