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Best Beaches In California

Best Beaches In California
Best Beaches In California

California is a beautiful state, filled with spectacular beaches. But if you have never been to California before, it might be difficult to decide which beach is the best. The golden coast has an incredible variety of beaches, as well as a wide variety of activities to do on them. Here are our picks for the best beaches in California.

La Jolla Cove

This is the kind of neighborhood beach you would expect to find in a tropical paradise. This idyllic, white-sand stretch invites you to lay out on blankets and relax as seagulls soar above them; bicycles are left for people who want to get even closer with nature. The cove does not have any activities other than swimming or snorkeling – it’s just best for having a nice day at the beach! Crestline in the San Gabriel Mountains is one of those postcard California views that almost any beach lover would love to see.

There are lots of hiking and downhill biking options nearby, however – so you can spend all day there without leaving early! Crestline is a small part of the Angeles National Forest, which makes it even more serene and peaceful than most beaches with services. The standout features on this beach include crystal clear water ( important for swimming), a wonderful resort-style patio on the beach, and some brilliantly colored rocks that almost look like coral. There aren’t many restaurants or shops nearby – so heading from here to La Jolla Cove is good preparation if you want any sort of food/shopping after your swimming!

Coronado Beach

Located in the Port Aransas area of Texas, the Coronado Beach is a popular destination for beachgoers. This fine strand is plentiful with multi-colored sea shells that make these areas more exhilarating than other varieties of beaches you might have visited– making it similar to being at home at this leisurely place!

If solitude and peace are what you want while on your vacation, then go no further than Coronado – as there isn ’t a single other person in sight! The beach itself is completely empty, has sand that’s white-coloured and very clean; some people prefer to just take their towels with them as they swim or go for walks here. There are not many services nearby – even though you wouldn’t necessarily need them anyway or be able to justify spending all day at this rustic paradise.

Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach is one of the rare, and very beautiful places which can only be reached by a short hiking trail. It’s located on Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park in Carmel – California; but while this hike definitely isn’t short, it certainly holds great value!

The shoreline surrounds you with an abundance of natural beauty as well as striking shades like burnt oranges and peachy pink-coloured rocks . There are also pretty bushes and trees expressed in the many shade structures. So, while you’ve actually been to California before on your trip there – this is where it gets overwhelming beautiful! Who knows when a state park will ever have such beauty as a beach destination?

Palos Verdes Seaside Park (Chesebro Beach) It’s largely agreed that Palos Verdes isn’t one of California.

Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park has a lovely, long and secluded beach that you can discover without any difficulties. It is located in near Newport – Orange County which may make your trip to this isolated area an incredible experience.

You could have a picnic or just take walks along it; enjoying the company of no-one for miles around! In Palos Verdes there are even more parks than ever before but not one with such accessibility as Crystal Cove ( you’re not even in a city at this point).

Channel Islands

The nature of the Channel Islands is amazing, and very different every season. They receive a slightly cooler climate than other parts in California but since they are part of it – anything can change here! There are definitely more rustic areas around islands that aren’t as attractive (or touristy). However there seem to be even more towns showing up on maps you used before; making this type of discovery worth your while!

Frogger Beach From Portola State Park (which is appropriately named for the historic Native American Trail), you can hop on one of their fantastic sailboats and tour this beach! The guy who was skippering it said that no car traffic ever came along while we were cruising in front of him.

However he insisted that they do come when there’s a big baseball game at nearby AT&T Stadium or a whale watching event at the annual La Jolla Light Festival which both happen at different times depending on where you are in California.

San DiegoBeach tattered lifeguard station, Not my idea of a good time… For those who like to tour, eventually visit some bars and beached warehouses this place should be in your list! As we all know there’s plenty more here than anything else – but if you enjoy being by yourself then this is.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is great for newcomers and really gets a lot of tourists too! However, I think Laguna has more culture than most places in this state (it also happens to be the place with cool surf music where artists/musicians go). The town seems well versed on which bars are trendy at any moment – especially during art festivals.