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Top 8 Tourist Sites in Tangier That Are Worth to Visiting

Tourist Sites in Tangier

Tangier is a city in the north of Morocco. It is one of the most beautiful destinations near the Mediterranean Sea. It is near the Strait of Gibraltar. This means it is very close to Spain around 15 km. The city is also one of the cities where tourists start their Morocco trips to the desert, like 3 days desert tour from Fes to Marrakech. Most of the tourists have a city tour to explore tourist sites in Tangier. Therefore, here are some sites that you should include on your trip.

Tourist Sites in Tangier

The Kasbah

The Kasbah of Tangier is on the top of the hill. Thus, It is among the important tourist sites in Tangier. In this walled place, you will find the Medina or the Historic Center of the city. It is an authentic labyrinth of beautiful and narrow streets. In these streets, you can admire adorned bright colors featuring doors, pots, and walls. However, getting lost in these streets something is interesting. Here, there are also a variety of doors and beautiful Riads that are prepared to offer charming accommodations.

Artisans Shops

One of the most attractive things to see in Tangier is the art. Thus, when you walk through the Medina streets, you will admire its artisan shops and true temples of typical Moroccan crafts. Here, leather goods, rugs, scarves, kaftans, Djellabas, and endless products are in each corner of the Medina. What is interesting is that you want to spend hours and hours browsing its quaint shops. Marrakech city almost offers the same art as Tangier Medina. If you want to start your tour from Marrakech, you can book 5 days desert tour from Marrakech.

Cap Spartel

Cap Spartel is approximately 12 km from the center of Tangier. This is one of the different tourist sites in Tangier. There, you will find a historic lighthouse built in the mid-19th century. It has impressive views of the 2 seas, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Around here, you can also enjoy a large landscaped esplanade where you can walk and enjoy meals or drinks in a nearby restaurant.

Harris Villa Museum

This is a beautiful villa and architectural jewel that has the Hispano-Moorish style. It was owned by the British correspondent “The Times” Harris and is currently being restored by the National Museum Foundation. Today, it is an essential place to discover the symbol of Tangier’s cultural identity. You can enjoy his great works in different spaces, and walk around the town. It is also an interesting place to visit during your city tour.

The Marine

Without a doubt, the Marine is the first and largest urban Marina in the kingdom and the gateway between Europe and Africa. It is located in the peninsula area of ​​the marina right next to the beach. And as you can imagine, it has an important variety of exclusive restaurants where you can choose European or Moroccan food. So, make sure you include it in one of your tourist sites in Tangier.

Sultan’s Palace in Dar-el-Makhzen

You will find this attraction at one of the highest points of the Kasbah. This old palace belongs today to the Headquarters of the Museum of Moroccan Arts. Yet, it was home to great sultans who were Sultans during the 17th century. This beautiful palace has a beautiful marble patio where a museum is located with a large number of the most interesting exhibitions.

The Music Club

On the right corner of one of the streets of the Medina, you will find this lovely little place. This Music Club has almost everything you will find in the Kasbah. Their team will invite you to enter to savor a tasty mint tea while you enjoy live music from its local people. Music clubs are almost everywhere in Morocco. However, the most active ones are in Marrakech because it is a city where tourists stay for more days. It is also a destination where you easily visit the desert on many tours like 4 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes.

Hercules Caves

Finally, the Caves of Hercules in Tangier represent one of the nicest excursions around the city. No city tour excludes this tourist attraction in Tangier. Besides, it is one of the wonders of nature. With collaboration with humans, they have made these natural caves a tourist attraction that you cannot miss.