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Journey to Europe with LPG


Going to Europe for summer vacation is a popular trip for many people and their families. However, if a LPG car There are a few tips and useful tips you should know.

First of all, LPG vehicles are not allowed in Eurotunnel. This is not a security issue; Independent tests have proven that LPG cars are safe to travel in a tunnel. But when the tunnel was built, there weren’t enough LPG vehicles to conduct cost-effective in-depth safety testing on UK roads. Ferries allow LPG vehicles to pass the canal. Turning off the LPG tank while on board and at this time LPGA Approved Certificate while riding. Follow these two requests and you can switch the channel to France without any problems. A ferry company’s statement on the transportation of LPG vehicles can be found at http://www.fuelture.com/magazine/Drive-your-LPG-car-in-France-Italy-and-the-rest-of-Europe/. .

Now you have come to Europe with your LPG vehicle; you need to fill more gas. Europe has a large LPG supply; However, LPG is more commonly known as: Autogas or GPL. Most gas stations provide LPG, and road signs for stations are marked “+GPL” if the station provides LPG. Similar to taking a kettle or travel iron with you to Europe, a LPG adapter to refuel your car. There are three different types of adapters. For more information on traveling to Europe by LPG vehicle, such as adapter descriptions, station locations and fuel prices, visit http://www.fuelture.com/magazine.