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The Best Place in Montenegro to See

Best Place in Montenegro

Montenegro is a stunning country in the Balkans that is often overlooked by travellers. However, those who do visit are rewarded with breathtaking scenery, charming towns, and friendly locals.

A few days before we felt that early spring yearning for the sea, sun, and salt in every pore, we received an invitation from Montenegro to visit some new locations that provide a unique and peculiar experience of this country.

Montenegro appears to be capitalizing on its potential this year more than ever before, thanks to its luxuriant nature and untamed beauty, its colourful cities, its authenticity, and its warmth. However, she has managed to preserve the irreplaceable sense that we are at home throughout these years.

We were in desperate need of a reset, and Montenegro provided us with everything we needed: vacation and adventure, excellent cuisine and the finest wine, the best locations in Montenegro, and hidden gems.

How to Reach Location?

If you’re planning to visit a new location, finding your way there might seem daunting at first. However, with the right preparation, reaching your destination can be a breeze. The first step is to research the area and identify the best way to get there. Consider public transportation options like buses, trains, or subways, and check their schedules.

If you’re driving, use a GPS or map to plan your route in advance and make sure to account for traffic and road closures. It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case your primary mode of transportation falls through. Once you’ve arrived in the vicinity, look for street signs or ask locals for directions. Don’t be afraid to double-check your progress along the way, either. With a little patience and a bit of planning, you’ll be able to reach your destination with ease.

The busiest airport in Montenegro is in the Tivat. You can book a taxi transfer from Tivat Airport to any other part of Montenegro since it is a small country and also private transfers are quite affordable.

The Best Places in Montenegro

Here are the 5 Best Places in Montenegro:

1. Kotor 

This beautiful coastal town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s known for its stunning scenery, medieval architecture, and bustling old town.

2. Durmitor National Park 

Located in the north of Montenegro, this park is a nature lover’s paradise. It’s home to the country’s highest peak, glacial lakes, and a wide variety of wildlife.

3. Budva 

Budva is a charming coastal town that’s famous for its sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. It’s a must-visit destination for beach lovers and partygoers.

4. Ostrog Monastery 

This stunning mountain monastery is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the Balkans. It’s built into a sheer cliff face and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

5. Lake Skadar

This is the largest lake in the Balkans and is a popular spot for boating, fishing, and bird-watching. The area is also home to charming traditional villages and some of Montenegro’s best wineries.

What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Kotor?

The best time of year to visit Kotor is during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. This is when the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller. However, if you want to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the annual Kotor Carnival, then plan to visit in February.

What are Some Tips for Visiting Kotor?

When visiting Kotor, be sure to wear comfortable shoes as there are plenty of hills to climb. Additionally, be prepared for crowds during the peak summer months. To beat the crowds, try to explore the old town early in the morning or late in the evening. Finally, consider taking a day trip to nearby Perast, a charming town that is just a short drive away.

How to Get to Montenegro?

If you’re planning a trip to Montenegro, you might be wondering about the best way to get there. Fortunately, there are several options available to you. If you’re coming from abroad, the easiest way to get to Montenegro is by flying into Podgorica International Airport or Tivat Airport. Both airports have regular flights from major European cities, as well as some destinations in the Middle East.

If you’re already in the region, you can also get to Montenegro by bus or train. There are regular bus connections from neighbouring countries like Croatia, Serbia, and Albania. If you prefer to travel by train, you can take the Belgrade-Bar railway, which connects Montenegro with Serbia.

Once you arrive in Montenegro, getting around is easy with a variety of transportation options, including buses, taxis, and rental cars. Whatever your preferred mode of transportation, getting to Montenegro is easy and well worth the effort.


Kotor is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Montenegro, offering stunning scenery, historic architecture, and plenty of things to see and do. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or simply looking for a charming coastal town to explore, Kotor is sure to exceed your expectations.