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Traveling in Real or Virtual


Rick Steves is a gentleman who travels the world on television. And it brings you along when you travel. You get his experiences at no cost. What better travel experiences can you ask for at the cost of practically nothing.

Travel is not what it used to be. Long ago, traveling to Europe and elsewhere required time, patience, money and more. However, now you, the viewer, can travel wherever you want to go – at no cost to you. And even when you don’t have a vacation from work, you can travel wherever you want to travel. Isn’t that great?

Although I haven’t been on a plane for a long time, I’ve seen Europe, China, all of America, and even the depths of the forests of our country and the tropical lands of other nations. I’ve done this minimally or for free. You can even see these folks in your own time—ordering Rick Steves’ tapes of the topics whenever you want.

Have you ever wondered what other countries or nations are like? Have you ever wanted to go deep into the mysterious land because you didn’t have time to visit? Have you ever wanted to escape from the tourist traps of other lands, off the beaten path? Have you ever wanted to know the secrets, the real secrets of good, safe travel thousands of miles away from the safe space of your own home? Have you ever wanted to hear a native speaker in that mother tongue? Ever wanted to see these attractions without having to spend hundreds of dollars?

The answer may simply be virtual travel. And if you’ve finally decided to go virtual, where do you start? There are hundreds of places online and hundreds on television where you can start your journey of a million steps. Across the sea you can see the Great Wall of China or the Wailing Wall. Before you even get to that jeweler’s shop, you’ll be able to see where the pearls come from — where they come from. You will be able to look deep into the Arctic waters and look deep into the homes of the Eskimos. You will be able to see deep into the forests and even walk the Appalachian trail. And you can see it all up close—right there, from your comfy chair.

Rick Steves is on several different channels. If you’re looking for his shows, you can start on channel 169 on Time Warner.

You can look at other shows for different types of travel. Some travel on foot, some by plane, and some on horseback. You should know that this type of travel is one of the most interesting types of travel because you can do it instantly. No prep, no buying tickets, no packing, nothing. Just decide to go to another country – and presto, you are there. I hope you take this time to enjoy virtual travel at least once in your life. You may have found another great hobby for your life.