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30 of the Most Instagrammable Spots in Jordan


If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy destination, Jordan is the place to be! This Middle Eastern country is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and attractions in the world. From ancient ruins to stunning beaches, Jordan has something for everyone. In this blog post, we will list 30 of the most Instagrammable spots in Jordan. So, pack your bags and get ready for a photo op paradise!

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The first stop on our list is found in the ancient city of Petra. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of Jordan’s most popular tourist destinations. The city is home to several well-preserved attractions. Be sure to snap a photo in front of these ancient wonders!

  • The Treasury
  • Al-Siq
  • Ad-Deir (The Monastery)
  • High Place of Sacrifice
  • Royal Tombs
  • Great Temple
  • Street of Facades
  • Triclinium

Wadi-Rum Desert

Wadi Rum

If you’re looking for a setting that is more in tune with the natural landscape of Jordan, the Wadi-Rum Desert is the place for you. This vast and barren terrain is ideal for a sunset or sunrise photograph. Be sure to bring your camera when exploring this otherworldly place! I recommend taking a camel ride through the desert for an unforgettable experience! Here are some iconic places within the Wadi-Rum Desert that you’ll want to check out!

  • Lawrence’s Spring
  • Burdah Rock Bridge
  • Mushroom Rock
  • Khazali Canyon

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Next on our list is the Dead Sea. One of Jordan’s most popular tourist attractions in this hypersaline lake. The Dead Sea is famous for its high salt content, which causes you to be extremely buoyant. For those of you who aren’t the best swimmers, this is the perfect experience for you since it is impossible to sink in the water. Be sure to take a photo of yourself floating in this unique and beautiful body of water! Here are some Instagrammable places to check out along the Dead Sea!

  • O Beach Club
  • Dead Sea Panorama Complex
  • Wadi Al-Mujib
  • Free Beach
  • Salty Rock Formations



Another Jordan landmark that is perfect for photos is the ancient city of Jerash. This well-preserved Roman city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jordan. With its beautiful temples and collonaded streets, Jerash is a traveller’s dream come true! Get some shots in front of these sights for a truly otherwordly Instagram post!

  • Arch of Hadrian
  • Great Eastern Baths
  • Oval Plaza
  • Propylaeum of the Sanctuary of Artemis
  • Nymphaeum


Last but not least, Jordan’s capital city of Amman is the perfect spot to cool off after a long day of exploring. This bustling metropolis is modernized but still has many ancient ruins to see. You can get some wonderful photos of the cityscape at various times of the day. Here are just a few places in Amman to check out for your Instagram needs, whether you are looking for historically cultured or a luxurious looking feel for your Instagram!

Be sure to take advantage of these spectacular photo ops!

  • Amman Citadel
  • Umayyad Palace
  • King Abdullah Mosque
  • Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery
  • The Jordan Museum
  • Rooftop Pool at the Kempinski Hotel
  • Skyline Rooftop Terrace and Bar
  • Levant Restaurant

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