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Planning A Trip Around the World? Why You Need to Leave Your Smoking Habit Behind

Leave Your Smoking Habit

In late 2023, electronic cigarette users faced another blow, this time from the land down under — Australia. The prohibition of electronic cigarettes in Australia, already in effect in several countries, is not a surprising development. It marks another step in the years-long controversy surrounding vaping, exemplified here by the notorious Juul brand. The highly popular vape giant faced a market exit from the US in 2022 following a series of contentions that cast a shadow over the brand and the industry.

However, bans on smoking predate Juul’s woes, with countries like Japan implementing a ban as early as 2010 and others, including Thailand, Qatar, and India, following suit in subsequent years. Australia’s recent decision to further restrict smoking habits underscores a global pattern, emphasizing the growing imperative for travelers to abandon their smoking habits when embarking on journeys worldwide. Let’s take a closer look below.

Why Drop Your Smoking Habit As a World Traveler?

As countries tighten the ban on smoking activities, it may be time for world travelers to bid farewell to their smoking habits. Take Japan, for instance, renowned as a fantastic and clean destination for solo travelers in our previous article. Japan’s smoking regulations have been reported to be perplexing for many, with foreigners making up 40% of street smoking ban violators, primarily due to the lack of signs and information on the smoking ban and fine. Spain, Mexico, and Costa Rica also joined the list of popular tourist destinations that have tightened the reins on smoking and vaping in 2023.

Thus, travelers who smoke risk fines and may find public transportation inaccessible due to these evolving regulations. Moreover, the financial implications of smoking during travel are escalating, driven by the soaring prices of cigarettes in many destinations. See how France’s new anti-tobacco laws predict a gradual increase in cigarette prices, with a pack expected to cost €12 in 2025 and €13 in 2027. These factors emphasize the practical advantages of leaving the smoking habit behind when venturing across borders.

Navigating Smoke-Free Journeys

Leaving your smoking habit behind doesn’t mean leaving yourself defenseless against cravings during your global escapades. Carrying viable alternatives to cigarettes and vapes is the key to a successful transition. Opting for smokeless alternatives, in particular, not only aligns with evolving global regulations but also ensures a safer and more convenient travel experience.

Smokeless oral products have emerged as discreet and travel-friendly alternatives. These products, which are able to be brought on airplanes without posing fire hazards, provide an effective solution for managing cravings. According to this website‘s page on VELO pouches, there are a variety of offered strengths, from 2mg to 7mg, to cater to both light and heavy smokers.

Additionally, different flavors like Citrus or Wintergreen present an enjoyable alternative to traditional smoking or even nicotine gum. Nicotine gum pioneered smoking alternatives with Nicorette in 1984 but faces complications in Singapore. That’s because the government page of the Lion City expressly states that all chewing gums purchased overseas are prohibited. Nicotine gum can only be purchased from local pharmacies if needed.

Otherwise, booking a hotel with smoking rooms or opting for Airbnb listings that allow smoking can provide a designated space to satisfy cravings without violating rules in public places. However, you can also decide to use your trip as an opportunity to quit completely and open the door to healthier choices.

In that case, booking non-smoking hotel rooms and exploring non-smoking bars and restaurants in local areas reinforces the commitment to a smoke-free lifestyle. Either way, travel offers a plethora of experiences that can keep your mind off cravings. Whether it’s exploring historic landmarks, indulging in local cuisines, or immersing yourself in cultural activities, the journey can become a catalyst for positive change.

So, before you embark on your next global adventure, consider leaving your smoking habit behind and savor the freedom of a smoke-free journey. For more on travel and lifestyle, check out our other write-ups on Travel in Planet.