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European Traveler Tips


Important general tips

Always buy your tickets online as online tickets are cheaper (no agency commission) and you can easily compare prices offered by different airlines.

If you are visiting a particular country for the first time, it may be a good idea to make deals with some of the best tourism agencies and companies, such as SOTC, and you can also negotiate in the first place.

Always plan your trip and book tickets months in advance, which can save big money.

While less packing and proper packing is highly desirable, never forget to bargain if you are carrying too much luggage.

Always learn about the weather, history and people of the place you are traveling to that can really put you at ease.

Probably carry a credit card because most credit card companies offer cheap interest rates and easy repayments on international transactions. Check with your company about the transaction rate.

Always carry more traveler’s checks instead of cash, as they are secure and easily exchangeable at most banks.

Never forget to carry some cash with you in case of emergencies, they may come in handy.

Also get insurance if you’re going on extended vacations because many insurance companies cover theft, minor breaches of law and accidents.

Also have regular medicines for cough, cold or fever.

Packing Tips

Here’s a brief rundown of what you need to carry. Packaging can be the most boring job. However, you don’t have to worry too much when your destination is Europe. In short, pack less and relax. I’m sure you want to have more fun and not sweat most of the time.

Also pack roadmaps and hot destinations for time-wasting flyers and brochures, and I’m sure you know time is money.

Always remember to take a camera or a handy camera as this will keep sweet memories.

The first thing to keep in mind is what time of year you want to go, as most countries have cold winters and most people prefer March and September.

First of all, organize your passport, money and all necessary documents in a single purse or bag that you will carry around.

Multi-purpose garments should be a good idea, such as those with multiple pockets (remember that pockets will fill all your dreams) and the lower legs should be zipped.

Also, learn about hiding money in clothes that are the end of the day.

Never carry food as it takes up too much space, unless you can do without it.

Flip-flops and light shoes are the best way to walk, and big boots may be fine if you go into the mountains

Just carry two or three jeans and a few T-shirts, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap etc.

It is better to carry large backpacks, they can be worn on your back and are easy to carry.

Never forget things at home, remember that everything should be safe when you get home, so if you have someone you trust, hire them to stay at home. One of the safestideas is to leave some or other lights in your house on (that’s a million dollar tip)

Well, that’s most of what you need to look for, smart people can do the rest.

I wish you a happy and safe journey.