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The Best Locations in Montenegro to See

The Best Locations in Montenegro to See
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If you want to feel a completely different and luxurious vacation experience in Montenegro, visit these 8 best locations in Montenegro, and hidden pearls!

A few days before we felt that early spring longing for sea, sun, and salt in every pore, we received an invitation from Montenegro to visit some new locations that offer nations that provide a unique and unusual experience of this country.

With its luxuriant nature and its wild beauty, its colorful cities, its authenticity, and its warmth, Montenegro seems to be taking advantage of its potential this year more than ever before. However, she has managed to preserve the priceless feeling that we are at home over all these years.

We really needed a reset, and from Montenegro, we got everything – both vacation and adventure, excellent food and the best wine, the best locations in Montenegro, and hidden pearls. Best of all?

How to Reach Location?

The best way to reach beautiful sights is to rent a car in Montenegro. Good roads recently opened the first Highway, which is good conditions for driving. All sights in Montenegro are easily accessible by car. Driving from south to north can take up to 90 minutes, which is great compared to other countries.

Chilling on the beach, and hiking on the mountain in one day can be a dream, but in Montenegro it’s possible.

The busiest airport in Montenegro is in the Tivat. You can book a taxi transfer from Tivat Airport to any other part of Montenegro since it is a small country and also private transfers are quite affordable.

The Best Locations in Montenegro

Follow in our footsteps at these 8 best locations in Montenegro and feel the unique experience of this beautiful country.

Blue Kotor Bay

Our first destination was Blue Kotor Bay in the heart of Boka Kotorska. It is an adults-only premium resort and health complex that provides its guests with complete intimacy, peace, and a sense of home, far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close enough to reach the most beautiful Montenegrin city – Kotor in about 15 minutes. Eco-design, a wellness center, and special rooms with jacuzzis and a large swimming pool make it a unique refuge on this part of the Montenegrin coast.

Portonovi in Herceg Novi

If we had to describe One & Only in just one word, it would be – unreal and one of the best locations in Montenegro. In an idyllic fjord-like landscape, where the Adriatic Sea meets the blue mountains of Montenegro, this hotel chain has built an elegant jewel of the new European Riviera. The feeling of home is complemented by the sense of luxury and spaciousness hidden in the magnificent medieval architecture, the sapphire blue of the sea, and the lush greenery that is associated with Italian charm.

Must-see spots: Chenot Espace wellness center where a transformative journey towards detoxification and body reset awaits you, based on the most modern scientific methods and luxurious treatments with an individual approach; as well as the new Tapasake Club Portonovi, where you can expect an incredible time this summer.

Savina Winery

We took a short break from one location to another at the Savina Winery with an impressive view of the bay. The sun-drenched vineyards revived the spirit of the 18th century, and the wine made from the finest grapes is nurtured and stored for years in French oak barrels. Kastel is tucked away in the lush Mediterranean vegetation above Herceg Novi, and the concept was born 17 years ago out of pure love for good wine. This place is perfect for a trip with friends, but also for unforgettable celebrations such as weddings and birthdays. Savina is a famous wedding destination in Montenegro. Many locals and people around the world are getting married in Savina. To book a wedding or event arrangement, you can contact Savina winery directly via the email box on their website.

Ponny Art Garden

Do you know those places that move you unexpectedly, intoxicate you with their energy, and leave a strong impression? Pony Art Garden is one of them. This hidden village gem does not have its own Instagram, website, or any other platform – you have to discover it yourself, and then continue to keep the secret of its specialness. From a rich gastronomic experience made of completely organic ingredients, through a colorful interior, a homely atmosphere, and a warm family that (excellently) plays jazz in their free time, all the way to the pony farm that brought us closer to nature – we left the village of Tići humming “Believe u ljubav” and ”Lasciate mi cantare” with the wonderful echo of the voices of Gisele and Neša, who made us remember an afternoon forever.

Lustica Bay

Ahh, Lustica! One of the most prestigious places in the world, not only in Montenegro.

How do you know a trip was good? By not even getting home, you’re already searching for new available dates for the same location. That’s what I did first when I returned home after Luštica Bay, wanting to extend the feeling of beauty, luxury, and carefreeness in this amazing town. In addition to the Chedi Hotel, which even those who have traveled around the world consider one of the most beautiful hotels, here you can find entire houses and apartments for rent, and what makes them special, in addition to the authentic stone architecture, is the view of the sea that you will not be able to separate. Also, everything you need for a perfect vacation is at your fingertips – beaches, retail facilities, sports fields, marina, shopping, and the menu of The Spot restaurant will especially delight you.

Casa Del Mare Boutique Hotels

With pasta and the best domestic wine in the restaurant of the Casa Del Mare Mediterraneo hotel (one of the 6 Casa Del Mare boutique hotels in Montenegro), we became most interested in the yoga programs during the conversation with the owner. Namely, The Sea and SPA Yoga Retreat in this hotel regularly are organized with yoga instructor Baya, and when you want to escape from everyday life, this is the ideal way to recharge your batteries for a few days, heal and get back to yourself. In addition, you have at your disposal authentic stone interiors, the blue of the sea, and good food – what more could you want?

Porto Montenegro in Tivat

Among many things to do in Montenegro, if we talk about luxury, we cannot fail to mention Porto Montenegro. This prestigious nautical settlement has positioned Tivat as an indispensable European location. An impressive marina, residences, attractive world brands, an international gastronomic experience, elegant bars, sports, entertainment, and art points, create a striking identity of the main promenade, which acquires a special charm at night, and it is not surprising that this is also one of the most popular places for going out. Must-see spot: the Marea Porto restaurant, both for gastronomic pleasure and for a party to remember.

Prto Montenegro is very popular among celebrities. Even Novak Djokovic is a regular guest here with his family, after tournaments.

Restaurant Catovica

And how can we leave Montenegro without tasting the best local food and traditional Montenegrin specialties? We left the best for last, and that’s why we had lunch on the last day at the well-known tavern Catovic Mlini in Morinje. From a mill and a family house, which have been owned by the Catovic family for more than 200 years, Lazar Catovic, 20 years ago, with a lot of work and love, made a top tavern, with the idea of ​​preserving the harmonious whole created together by the locals and nature itself. The restaurant is famous for its fish, but all other dishes are equally delicious, and we especially recommend that you visit this location during spring and summer when you can enjoy the beautiful garden.

How to Get to Montenegro?

Montenegro is one of the most popular travel destinations in the EU and the USA. Many travelers visit the beautiful Adriatic countries by airplane. However, many flights connect Podgorica and Tivat with European major cities. For example, Frankfurt, Zirich, Warsaw, Berlin, London, Paris, etc.

It is important to know, there are two airports in Montenegro: Podgorica and Tivat. Tivat is very busy during the summer season due to charter flights. However, air traffic in Podgorica is constant during the entire year. So, the chances that you will land at Podgorica airport are high. If you find yourself in this situation, and your aim is to visit all locations we listed, the best choice is car rental at Podgorica airport.

If you rent a car at the airport, you can start your road trip and vacation at your own pace immediately after landing – and save some time and money on not necessary airport transportation or taxis.