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Relinquish The Beauty Of Taj With Our Package By Car

Beauty Of Taj

Agra is a place famous for the Taj Mahal. Thousands of visitors come every year to relinquish the beauty of the Taj. It is included in one of the seven wonders of the world. Agra happened to be the capital of the Mughal dynasty, and it is also home to three UNESCO world heritage sites. Therefore, it becomes a must-visit place for tourists.

And one doesn’t have to worry about the arrangement of the whole trip with our Same Day Agra Tour. We make you cover the beautiful destination in a single day very easily and comfortably. You only have to sit back and enjoy the splendid locations in our tour itinerary as we have made all the necessary arrangements for you. Opting out Same Day Taj Mahal will be the wisest choice from your side.

1. Picking Up From New Delhi

Our package comfortably starts from the National Capital of India. In the very early morning of the day, you will meet our Chauffeur, who will be your travel partner for the next few hours. Our journey starts from 7:00 hrs, at the Delhi hotel where our Chauffeur will greet you and take you to your desired location, i.e., the historic city of Agra, by car.

Our journey will commence through the Yamuna Expressway, where we will enjoy the road’s scenic views. We will get to see the diversity of India where on one side, a beautiful expressway has been constructed. On the other hand, people are struggling even to construct a house for themselves. It will take around 3 hours by road to reach the destination as it is around 200 km away from Delhi. We will take a short tea break to refresh ourselves in the middle of traveling.

2. Arriving In Agra City

After almost 3 hours of driving, we will reach Agra at 10:30. Our Chauffeur will introduce you to your tour guide upon arriving at the beautiful city. The Tour Guide will be taking you on a beautiful sightseeing tour. We will leave for the main part of our Same Day Agra Taj Mahal Tour By Car from Delhi.

3. Exploring The City From A Very Closer Length

At 11:00 hours, we will move towards the beautiful spot. You will be at the splendid Taj Mahal, which epitomizes love. The symbol of adoration has been named in the Seven Wonders of the World. Around 22,000 specialists were put together to get this brilliant design. One of India’s huge spots of interest draws voyagers from each side of the world reliably. We will easily explore every piece of this best milestone in your specific way. It will be a magnificent encounter so that the guest might see the excellence of the Taj Mahal at the hour of the early morning. The white burial chamber radiates brilliantly when the sunbeams fall upon it. Our Guide will clarify the historical backdrop of the old landmark. In the wake of exploring the Taj to your souls’ substance, go on towards Agra Fort, found nearby.

Next, in our Same Day Taj Mahal Tour, we will tour Agra Fort by 13:00 hours. Emperor Akbar built this Fort made of red sandstone and standing near the River Yamuna in 1566. Shah Jahan’s kid Aurangzeb confined him during the last eight years of his life in this Fort, where he could watch the entombment office of his better half. Then, you will visit the Pearl Mosque as Moti Masjid at the actual Fort. Then, you will visit a Marble processing factory to see and like the inlay work(etching important and semi-valuable stones into marble) of marble.

Then, we will have a buffet lunch included in your Same Day Agra Tour By Car from Delhi at 15:00 hrs in most likely the best restaurant in the city.

4. Moving To The UNESCO world heritage site

Then at 16:00 hrs, we will move to Fatehpur Sikri for a short sightseeing trip. Upon reaching the UNESCO World Heritage Site at 17:00 hrs, we will continue our exploration in Fatehpur Sikri. It is roughly located 36 km away from the main city of Agra, and the Mughal Emperor Akbar built it between 1571 and 1573. However, the city became deserted due to a lack of water supply facilities.

We will have a great and short sightseeing tour at a fast pace. We will visit the Buland Darwaza, passionately made by Great Akbar.

Then we will be moved to the epic Jodha Bai Palace, Jama Masjid, and Tomb of Salim Chisti. At 19:00 hrs, we will leave for the main city of Agra.

5. Leaving Agra With Final Exploration

You will be back in the main city of Agra at 20:00 hrs. Your driver will directly drive back into the night markets of Agra. From there on, we will explore the night markets of Agra. We will buy something for our family to remember our trip and we will also taste some of the street foods of the market in Agra.

We will eat some petha sweet which is the specialty of Agra. Then we will try some famous chicken stuff from Mama Chicken.

Finally, we will try some badam milk and lassi before leaving the streets of Agra. It will be around 1 hour of street food exploration tour.

At 21:00 hrs, we will leave back for the National Capital of India. Your Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Car from Delhi will end. Your allotted Chauffeur will take you back to your location within 3 hours as a rush on the road will be less at the time of night.

You will be returned to Delhi at 23:00 hrs, where our Tour Representative will meet you and drop you off at your pre-booked hotel or New Delhi Railway Station or Airport according to your desire and plan.