About us

Travel in Planet is a tourist guide site that can provide informative articles about travelling. Whether it is to learn about the best places to visit in a country or it is to learn about the best beaches or best climbing places in the world, there is no better place who can offer all the necessary information like Travel in Planet.  We have a team full of experts and professionals who have precise knowledge and years of experience in this traveling industry. We will try to help you explore the world and visit new places whenever you want. Overall, through deep research on countries, places, hotels, etc. we provide all the essential information to our clients so that they can have a lovely journey. Correct information is always our main priority and for this reason we thoroughly check all the information mentioned in the contents. We always put emphasis on helping the clients to have an amazing journey within their reach. Therefore, we try to add some affordable way to visit the same places so that all types of people can get help from this site. Apart from places, we also provide contents about packing and travel hacks. These type of contents really help our clients to have a pleasant journey. We always try to update our site by adding content about popular places and sites all around the world. We always try to provide full details about the place first. Then we give a route by which you can easily reach your destination. We also add a section for hotel suggestions so that the clients don’t have to waste their time looking for a place for staying. We also mention the best time or season for visiting every place and site. It helps our clients because they can see the actual beauty of the place and site by visiting in the best time or season.


Back at the beginning of 2019, Travel in Planet started its journey for the very first time with the goal of serving the people with precise information about traveling places and countries. Since that day, we are constantly working to provide as much content as we can provide to the clients. Whether it is about the best places in our country or other countries, we have contents to guide our clients on their beautiful journey.


Our mission is to become the guide of every visitor of our site on their Travel and journey. We want to ease their trouble while travelling and visiting those places by providing all the necessary information about the place before. We want to help people choosing the best destination or place to have a journey. Thus, we are recommending places, countries, and sites through our contents for a long time.


In our vision human should travel and feel the nature of the whole world. They should visit as much places they can in the whole world. New places, new countries teach us lessons about life, culture, language, emotions, etc. All these things make us a better person in real life. Our knowledge is broaden by these things. So, if you are planning a journey in any corner of the world, then do visit our site to learn about places and some other important stuff which can help you a lot in your journey.