Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced

All Beginners will learn in waist deep water to ride small waves. We will take you to spots based on your skill level: easy beach breaks for our beginners,( Blue Beach ) beach breaks & easy reef breaks for our intermediate (Hirikatiya)surfers and more challenging spots for our advanced surfers. We have plenty of spots. Not only teaching the skills of surfing is our main goal, also ocean awareness, reading wave conditions, surf etiquette & everything you have to know to enjoy the sport & the water. We are always right next to you in the water keeping you safe, analyzing your style, helping to improve and most important: celebrating your waves!

We want to be able to personalize your surfing holiday and course with us as much as possible. Feel free to coantact us and ask us about what you want and not just what we offer. Talking together and planning your trip together is how we work. We don’t operate as a package of surfing and accommodation so that sets you free to plan and book the way you want to. Of course you may already have your accommodation booked and you can just take our course. Or if you need advice on accommodation please feel free to ask.

Price per person 55 $ / Two hours session

We do offer The price per person 55 USD (Two hours total water time ) Above Rate included Free transfer from your accommodation (Tangalle area) All equipment is included: Rashguards , Surfboards , Towels, Drinking Water and king coconut (Natural energy drink )

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